Short Stay Joint Replacement - No Gap

ESPH is proud to introduce our exciting new initiative providing one of the first Australian collaborative approach to short stay joint replacements of the hip, knee and shoulder.


Features of the program

  • Early mobilisation – same day as surgery

  • Rapid Recovery Program –  multidisciplinary and multimodal interventions aimed at enhanced perioperative recovery

  • Early discharge – 24 to 48 hours post surgery

  • Supported home recovery package – Physiotherapy and nursing services

  • No extended inpatient rehabilitation hospital stays

  • No out of pocket expenses for members of certain health fund

Short Stay Joint replacement models have been successfully running internationally for some time. With clinical benefits spanning across complication profiles and perioperative recovery times and economic benefits to the patient and the health system, the short stay model has a lot to offer, particularly in today’s peripandemic landscape.


At ESPH, our program encompasses a holistic approach from the specialist consultations, preoperative joint replacement education clinic, prehabilitation as indicated, anaesthetic assessment to admission day before or day of surgery and the surgical journey thereafter. After surgery, early mobilisation sees patients up on their feet hours after the procedure. Intensive physiotherapy and an enhanced recovery protocol then get patients discharge ready and, if safe, homebound within 24 - 48 hours. Once home, they may be supported by ongoing physiotherapy and nursing care as needed.

Our program package includes one on one consultation with one of orthopaedic consultants, education sessions with our Clinical Nurse Specialist and Physiotherapists, surgery and recovery in a world class facility with luxurious private rooms, rehabilitation in hospital with our physiotherapists, discharge planning to get you home as early as possible to recover and follow up with our home support services including nursing and physio for 6 weeks at home, where clinically appropriate.
Recovering in your own home environment has many proven benefits to your overall health and well-being and with the latest technology in surgical technique and anaesthesia we are able to get you mobilising and home sooner than ever before with support available when you need it.


To book an appointment or to find out more please call 02 9328 6081 to speak to one of our friendly staff members. . Medibank members should contact 132 331 to check their eligibility and level of cover. Hospital policy excesses still apply.

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Overview of Program:


Specialist Appointment
Once you have spoken to one of our staff members and decided on the surgeon you would like to perform your procedure you will attend a one on one consultation with this surgeon in their rooms. This consultation is your first opportunity to meet your surgeon and ensure you are comfortable with the proposed treatment plan. You will need to bring any X Rays and test results that you have previously had done and a referral letter from your GP. Your specialist will discuss all the surgical and non-surgical options with you and assess your current health status. If you decide to book in for surgery you will be provided with an East Sydney Private Admission package and booked in to our next available Joint Clinic appointment.


Joint Replacement Clinic
East Sydney Private Hospital Joint Replacement Clinic operates weekly on a Wednesday and is run by our Clinical Nurse Specialists and physiotherapists to provide you with all the information and education required for your upcoming surgery. We will provide you with exercises to perform both before your surgery and after your surgery as well as education on mobility aids such as crutches or anything else you may need when returning home. You will be able to purchase your crutches and other aides from this appointment to bring with you on the day of surgery. Our nursing team will also do a complete nursing assessment on you including an ECG to be reported on by our cardiologists as well as orientate you and introduce you to the team of staff that will be looking after you during your short stay with us for surgery.

Surgery and Hospital Stay
Your hospital stay will vary depending on a number of factors but generally will range from 1 -3 nights. When you are admitted to hospital on the day of your surgery you will be taken through to our pre-admission area and placed into a hospital bed. At this point you will meet with your anaesthetist and given information on your anaesthetic and medications you will be going home with. Depending on your situation you may have local anaesthetic catheters placed in your surgical site to provide you with optimal pain relief for the first 24 hours. You will be cared for in the operating theatre by your surgeon, anaesthetist and a team on nurses and assistants to ensure you remain safe and well looked after at all times. When your procedure is finished you will be taken to our recovery unit and spend some time with our team of nurses who will ensure you are free of pain and awake and ready for discharge back to the surgical ward.


Surgical Ward: When back to the surgical ward our team of experienced orthopaedic nurses and physiotherapists will begin your rehabilitation process to get you back on your feet and on the path to recovering in your own home. In some instances you will be up and walking with our physio team on the same day as surgery. During your stay you will continue your education and planning for discharge and when you feel up to it and are assessed as safe for discharge we will arrange for you to be discharged with the support of our home services team.


Care at Home

When you are discharged from hospital, if you require additional care at home we will continue to be involved in your recovery. Depending on your needs, you may receive hospital in the home treatment from our home nursing team during your first week at home or rehab in the home from our team of physiotherapists. You may even recognise some familiar faces from your stay in hospital, this allows us to continue a smooth transition from the hospital to the home Talk to your specialist to find out more about your suitability for nursing care or rehab in the home.


East Sydney Private Hospital is offering eligible Medibank members zero out-of-pocket medical costs for some types of hip, knee and shoulder replacement surgeries with our industry leading orthopaedic consultant surgeons. Hospital policy excesses still apply.


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