Dr Oliver Fisher

Dr Oliver Fisher


MD, PhD, FMH Surgery, FRACS


Dr Oliver Fisher is a general surgeon with an interest in upper gastrointestinal including hepatobiliary and bariatric surgery. He is an academic surgeon with strong basic science and translational research interests.

Trained as a general surgeon both in Switzerland and Australia with extensive subspecialty training from 2016-2021, his clinical interests and competencies span a broad range. He maintains a strong interest in the minimally-invasive management of complex groin and abdominal wall hernias including large incisional hernias, benign and malignant upper gastrointestinal tract illnesses including the management of gastro-oesophageal reflux (“heartburn”) disease, gastric and oesophageal cancer as well as all cancers and ailments of the liver and pancreas. Additionally, he was trained for two years from 2018-2020 as a Clinical Fellow under the country’s leading bariatric surgeons in Australia’s only Bariatric Centre of Excellence at St George Hospital allowing him to provide the highest-quality management of patients suffering from obesity.

Dr Fisher has experience in managing gallstone, bile duct and liver diseases as well as pancreatic illnesses including pancreatic cancer through his training as the Clinical Fellow at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital from 2020-2021. In this position, he obtained experience in the aggressive surgical management of HPB malignancies requiring vascular resections and reconstruction.

Having enjoyed intense training in Australia’s largest peritoneal surface oncology unit from 2016–2018 under the mentorship of Professor David L. Morris, he also maintains an interest and strong research track-record in cytoreductive surgery and intra-peritoneal chemotherapy for the management of patients with Stage IV metastatic peritoneal, gastrointestinal and gynaecological cancers.

Dr Fisher is a champion of endoscopy, minimally-invasive as well as robotic surgery as this allows him to always perform procedures as efficiently as possible, whilst ensuring as little impact on patients’ recovery pathways as possible.

Oliver believes that compassionately and attentively listening to what is said is the key to understanding each patient’s individual problem and the foundation for a trustworthy, honest and open relationship allowing for the best outcomes to be achieved. He firmly believes that providing care to his patients is the ultimate privilege, and attempts to let this belief underpin and transpire during all interactions with his patients.

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