Weight-Loss (Bariatrics)

If you are experiencing ongoing weight management issues and are ready to take back control of your weight, improve your health and quality of life. Contact our team today on 1800 167 846.

We have a wide range of experienced bariatric specialists who can provide you with a comprehensive assessment and offer a personalised treatment plan to suit you. Weight loss surgery requires a multidisciplinary approach involving a surgeon and other physicians and allied health staff including; dietitian, exercise physiologist, endocrinologist and sometimes a psychologist and bariatric physician.

Many of our specialists have dedicated support teams involved in your treatment program pre-surgery and provide ongoing support during your weight loss journey following your operation. At East Sydney Private Hospital, we have an onsite Bariatric Clinic supported by a team of dietitians, exercise physiologists and endocrinologists.

Weight Loss Surgery - Rapid Path to Treatment Program (A NEW U)

East Sydney Private Hospitals’ core value is to make private healthcare more accessible to patients and provide strong value in our service offering.

We understand that not all patients requiring weight loss surgery are currently with a health fund, and only very limited cases of this surgery are undertaken in the public health system. Patients who plan to self-fund or access their superannuation early to have this procedure undertaken want to ensure that they are being offered a high-quality service by an experienced team but at a competitive price point.

Find out more information about our self-funded weight loss program, A NEW U.

Specialists offering weight loss surgery at East Sydney Private:

  • A/Prof Michael Talbot
  • Prof Reginald Lord
  • Prof Peter Cosman
  • Dr Peter Girardi
  • Dr Charbel Sandourssi
  • Dr Steven Liebman
  • A/Prof Robert Wilson
  • A/Prof Jerome Laurence
  • Dr Joel Budge

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