Dr Razvan Stoita

Dr Razvan Stoita


MD, FRACS(Ortho), FAOrthA


Dr Razvan Stoita is a highly experienced hip and knee surgeon with specific interest in minimally invasive direct anterior hip replacement, robotic total and partial knee replacement, complex primary and revision hip and knee replacement, knee ligament (ACL) reconstruction, hip and knee reservation surgery, knee realignment surgery.

Dr Stoita trained as an orthopaedic surgeon on the Sydney Northside Training Scheme of the Australian Orthopaedic Association. He subsequently travelled to London, UK, Hamburg, Germany and Annecy, France where, under the guidance of some of the world’s best surgeons, he completed advanced postgraduate fellowships in complex hip and knee surgery focusing on complex hip and knee replacement, revision surgery and sports knee surgery.

Dr Stoita has an established orthopaedic practice focused on hip and knee surgery and deformity correction around the hip and knee. He has particular interest and expertise in performing complex primary and revision hip and knee replacement. Some of the patients he manages have a prior history of significant bone and joint trauma with secondary deformities, bone and joint infections. Dr Stoita manages patients with failed hip and knee replacements, periprosthetic infections.

Dr Stoita has embraced the use of new and modern technology in his practice. He was the first surgeon in NSW to perform a robotic total knee replacement using the NAVIO system. Currently, Dr Stoita continues to perform computerised and robotic total and partial knee replacements using the NAVIO and ROSA robotic systems. These techniques assist him in providing an individualised treatment to every patient ensuring best possible outcomes. Dr Stoita also has extensive experience and expertise in hip replacement surgery. He is one of the few surgeons who has been trained and routinely performs hip replacement surgery using both the minimally invasive direct anterior approach and the posterior approach. He uses the direct anterior approach in most patients as, in his view, this provides best early recovery and functional restoration. Another area of clinical interest and expertise involves knee sports injuries and particularly ACL reconstructions. Dr Stoita uses techniques that ensure anatomic ACL reconstruction which maximises athletes’ performance on return to competitive sports. Dr Stoita routinely recommends and performs ACL reconstruction using quadriceps tendon autograft augmented, in selected patients, by lateral extraarticular tenodesis to maximise the outcomes and minimise re-ruptures after ACL reconstruction.

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